Lessons are very well-paced which makes it much easier for me to understand and learn the topics since I'm a slow learner. Lessons are also usually a step ahead of my teachers in school so ample practise is done to prepare me before my school starts on new topics. The answering techniques which Ms Amber has taught me are also very effective in exams and easy to remember. I highly recommend Miss Amber to anyone looking for a patient tutor who is able to provide thorough explanations for your doubts.

Jun Sheng

Nan Hua High School

Elementary & Additional Maths from C6 to A1

Thank you for being such a helpful Chemistry tutor! I truly enjoyed your lessons as they clear my conceptual doubts, strengthened my understanding and trained me to handle challenging questions. Chemistry was really hard for me in JC 1 but after joining you at the start of JC 2, my grades improved tremendously and I subsequently got an A for my A Levels. This would have been impossible without your help. I am grateful that I attended your lessons as I learnt how to apply concepts to difficult "story" questions at ease and I enjoyed the thrill of solving them, all thanks to your intense organic drilling questions. 

Thank you so much for your patient guidance!

Le En

Hwa Chong Institution

H2 Chemistry from S to A

My daughter enrolled in Re.Solve Academics in March 2018. After 6 months of conscientious and dedicated teaching, my daughter Additional Mathematics grade improved tremendously, from F9 to B3!  Miss Amber was patient and caring in her approach and my daughter really benefited in the learning process. Also, Miss Amber regularly kept me posted on her progress. Thank you Miss Amber. Greatly appreciate your help!

Mdm Lee (Parent of Clarabel)

Chung Cheng High Yishun

Elementary Maths A2

Addtional Maths from F9 to B3

Hello Mr Chan! Thank you for helping me with my chemistry. Your teaching style is very effective on me, it makes me easily able to remember the concepts. You have so many effective methods that I am not sure which one made you famous! Again, thanks Mr Chan! Very happy to get an A! 

Jia Yuan

Pioneer Junior College

H2 Chemistry from D to A

A big thank you! From E to A! You are indeed SUPER CHAN! 


Jurong Junior College

H2 Chemistry from E to A

Miss Amber is a patient math teacher! Whenever I faced difficulty comprehending a topic or formula, she will explain until I understood it and know how to apply it. She encourages different methods of solving a problem and instills a never give up attitude in her students. I will definitely recommend her classes to other students! 


Bukit Batok Secondary

A1 for both Elementary & Additional Maths

Hello Mr Chan! I am really very grateful for all the help that you have given me over the past 2 years. Your lessons are something which I look forward to every week! Your sense of humor and occasional deep philosophical lessons never fail to make chemistry tuition interesting. As cliche as this may sound, the A that I got for Chemistry would really not have been possible without your help! 

Dear Mr Chan, please continue to be a nice, funny and inspirational chemistry tutor! I hope that you can keep up the amazing work and continue to be an awesome teacher to the future batches of students. 


River Valley High School

A for H2 Chemistry

Hi Mr Chan! 

I'm here to say a big thank you for your help with Chemistry. Although I did not secure an 'A' for my A Level Chemistry, it's still satisfying and rewarding how my grades for Chemistry shot up to a 'B' from an 'E' during Prelims. 

Your patient and consistent guidance helped me regain my faith for that subject. And as I had learnt to understand the concept much better, I became more motivated to excel in the subject! Thanks so much once again and take care loads! 

Shu Qi


H2 Chemistry from E to B

Hi Teacher Amber! 

Just want to share with you that Phoebe top the whole level for her E Maths and scored A2 for her A Maths as well! Thank you so much~

Patricia (Parent of Phoebe)

Bukit Panjang High School

A1 / 2 for Elementary & Additonal Maths

Hi Mr Chan!

Thank you for teaching me over the past 2 years. It's been great fun having you as my tuition teacher, making chemistry so interesting and fun!

Initially, I didn't have much interest in the subject but your stories and jokes really make chemistry lessons so fun and so much easier to learn. In the end, Chemistry becomes my best subject. 

I'm really thankful for you and really grateful. It's all thanks to you that I've gotten my A! Thank you Mr Chan!

Wei Qi

National Junior College

A for H2 Chemistry

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