Final Lap Workshops

Sep - Oct 2019

How will you like to help your child master a topic, enabling them to score guaranteed 10 marks in 3 hours without burning a hole in your pocket 

Is your child taking the O / A Level this year? 


Did your child just received their prelim results and is still not getting the ideal score in order to enrol into the course of their choice? Are they struggling with specific topics and by fixing those, their scores will have improved tremendously? Or with only a few weeks left, you will like to provide them with all the necessary support for their national examinations, to give them the extra push to get into the course of their choice?


Just like you, we too worry when we see students struggling at this point in time! As educators, it is always in our best interest to help students be better prepared for their O / A Levels.


At Re·Solve Academics, we are a team of highly experienced teachers; NIE Trained (ex-RIJC, ACJC lecturer/ full-time tutor) with more than 10 years of experiences. More than 90% of our students whom joined our tuition programmes have improved by at least 3 grades and eventually achieved distinction in their national examinations.

With our vast knowledge and expertise of the subjects, we have put together a series of Final Lap Workshops to help your child improve their scores by a few grades! Say goodbye to ineffective studying and hello to distinctions! 

Hear what our past students have to say about our classes! 

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Thank you Mr Chan! You made organic chemistry super fun :) 

Erika from ACJC

Dear Mr Chan! Thank you for your guidance for the past 2-3 months. Though it was a very short period of time, I have benefited a lot from the intensive tuition given by you. You taught us how to answer exam questions and pick out the main points from each chapter for us. These make learning efficient and effective. I truly enjoyed the lessons. 
All these is shown in the great improvement of my results, from an E in prelims to an A in A Levels. 
Thank you for encouraging me and having faith in me that I can do it. You saw the potential A student in me even though my chemistry results were at a constant E. I appreciate it as I wasn't confident that I can do well. I am glad I did well and did not let you down. 
You are the best teacher a student can have! Once again, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Pearl Lee from PJC

To Mr Chan, thanks for all the help that you gave me before A Levels. Under your guidance, I had improved tremendously from an E in prelims to and A in A levels. 

Wei Qiang from NJC

Dear Ms Amber, Elijah improved from C6 to A2 for his O Level A Maths! Thank you for your guidance! 

Parent of Elijah from Unity Secondary

Hi Ms Amber, Phoebe has scored As for both her E Maths and A Maths! She even top the cohort for her E Maths!Thank you for your patience and commitment when guiding her :)

Parent of Phoebe from Bukit Panjang Govt High

Ms Amber is a patient math teacher! Whenever I face difficulty comprehending a topic or formula, she will explain until I understood it. She encourages different methods of solving a problem and instills a never-give-up attitude in her students. 
With her patient guidance, I achieved an A1 for both my E Maths & A Maths! 

Janis from Bukit Batok Secondary

And many more!

With the limited number of weeks left to national examinations, wait no more! Scroll down to check out the Final Lap Workshops Schedule we have prepared! 

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Register Now! We will get in touch with you asap! 

**Points to note:

1) Please note that 100% payment upfront is required to confirm your seat. Feel free to whatsapp us at +65 85164237 for any questions / concerns you might have. 


2) Minimum of 4 students are required for each workshop. The centre reserves the rights to cancel the workshop if the minimum quota is not met. In the event that the workshop is cancelled, workshop fees will be fully refunded.