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83% of students scored C and below
More than 91% of students scored A & B

Why Re·Solve Academics Specialised Math Programme is

TRUSTED By 1537 Parents & Students From Over 50+ Schools As The "Go To" Math Tuition

Did your child perform badly for Mathematics in the recent school examinations?
Is his/her national examinations coming soon but yet he/she is not getting a decent grade?
Is your child performing below expectations despite engaging private home tutors or sending them to tuition centers? 
Or perhaps you simply want to ensure your child gets the best education by getting them extra guidance in their school work on top of the school curriculum?
We understand that as parents, your primary concern is your child’s future.
As parents, we can bear many hardships, forsake many things just to give our children the very best.
One key aspect of our child’s future will be enrolling in the schools/course of their choice, of which, Mathematics is a critical subject which a pre-requisite to many further education courses; junior colleges and polytechnic courses.  
Our current education system and employment market are still highly bias towards academics results.
Aren’t you afraid that this one subject, Mathematics, can have such a great impact on your child’s life?
Until the focus on academics is resolved, we still have to work around and do our best to WIN the system! The generic one-size-fit-all teaching method is simply not effective and not going to work on students ANYMORE!
If you are looking for a effective and high quality O Level Elementary Math Tuition, O Level Additional Math Tuition for your child...
The next 5 mins reading the rest of the website may be the 
Learn more about how 957 out of 989 students score As and Bs for their Math Examinations after attending our tuition programmes! 
These are some students from the many schools we have helped!
Secondary Schools: ACSI, Nan Hua High School, Bukit Panjang Govt High, Tanjong Katong Girls School, CHIJ St Joseph Convent, Fairfield Methodist, School of Science and Technology and many more! 

Why Do Parents & Students Only Choose

O Level Math Specialist, Miss Amber Lim

  • More than 10 years of teaching experience
  • Excellent Track Record
  • Graduated from Singapore Top Secondary School: River Valley High Sch
  • Graduated from Singapore Top 5 Junior College: National Junior College
  • Graduated from Singapore Top 3 Local University: Nanyang Technological University with Bachelor in Business (Honours) with Double Specialisation in Banking & Finance and Business Law. 
  • Previously Assistant Vice President of Top 3 Local Banks
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Her journey from "Just Pass" to Math Tuition Specialist

Miss Amber was not naturally good at numbers. When she was young, her mother had to force her to study the multiplication table and even learn how to read clocks!  In order for her mother to stop nagging her, Miss Amber reluctantly memorised all the items which her mother made her study. When Miss Amber entered Primary School, with the memorising she did, she managed to perform quite well in Mathematics! This made her complacent, believing that in order to excel in Mathematics, she thought she simply need to memorise the different methods will do.
It was only until Primary 5 when she realised she was utterly wrong! During her final year examinations, she barely managed to pass. She realised that if she continued to memorise, she will not be able to excel in Mathematics, and in the worst situation, unable to enter her dream school. With less than a year left till PSLE, Miss Amber knew she had to put in extra hard work in order to achieve her distinctions. She finally heeded her teacher’s perpetual advice; to truly understand the concepts behind each topic, apply them and practice, practice and practice! With much determination and hard work, Miss Amber finally managed to ace her Mathematics and got into River Valley High. Since then, Miss Amber never stopped following the above methodology which has helped her achieve her As.
During Miss Amber’s preparation for O Levels, one of her closest friend, was struggling with Mathematics. Her friend had several tutors but there was little or no improvement to her score. She was so stressed that if she doesn’t do well, she will not be able to enrol into her dream course. The stress that her friend experience was so immense that she sink into depression. Miss Amber was heartbroken looking at the downward spiral of her friend. She had to do something to get her friend out of the situation. The least Miss Amber thought she can do is use her knowledge and learning methodology in Mathematics to help her friend improve in the subject. Miss Amber then started tutoring her friend, explaining each concept in a simple manner, sharing the effective methods she had personally devised and which had helped her for the subject. Eventually, she developed a systematic approach in dealing with O Level Mathematics and was able to guide her closest friend efficiently. In the end, not only did she ace her Mathematics, she also got into her dream course!
Since then, Miss Amber has not stopped. She continued sharing her knowledge and had helped hundreds of students in achieving As. 

Our Track Records

  • 90% of students scored A1 & A2 for their O Level Elementary Maths
  • 90% of students scored A1 & A2 for their O Level Additional Maths
  • 100% of students scored B3 and above for their O level E & A Maths
  • 100% of students improved by at least 2 grades

Hear what our students & parents say!


Bukit View Secondary

O level E & A Maths 

D7 to A1

"Ms Amber was a patient math teacher! Whenever I faced difficulty comprehending a topic or formula, she will explain until I understood it and know how to apply it. She encourages different methods of solving a problem and instills a never give up attitude in her students.

I will definitely recommend her to other students!


Saint Patrick School

O Level Additional Maths

E8 to A2

Ms Amber has been a very huge help to me in both my Additional Maths and Elementary Maths. Her teaching method is unique in the sense that she explains topics very well, and therefore I found myself understanding and eventually overcoming all the difficulties with ease. In the end, my Emaths improved from a low A2 to an A1 and my Amaths improved from an E8 to an A2!! I really cannot thank Amber enough for helping me get through O levels, and I really recommend her to anyone in need of help for any of the maths subjects :)).”


Nan Hua High School

O Level E & A Maths

C6 to A1

“Lessons are very well-paced which makes it much easier for me to understand and learn the topics since I'm a slow learner. Lessons are also usually a step ahead of my teachers in school so ample practise is done to prepare me before my school starts on new topics. The answering techniques Ms Amber taught are also very effective in exams and easy to remember

I highly recommend this tuition programme to anyone looking for a patient tutor who is able to provide thorough explanations for your doubts. 


Yishun Town Secondary

O level E Maths 

F9 to A2

"I started with Ms Amber in November 2017, I was getting an F9 in my math and I was sitting for my exams the following year , Ms Amber focuses a lot in practice which I think is the most important thing in math. Practice makes perfect and by doing the same question using different examples and scenarios, it wires our brains to get used to it and identify the question type , which is helpful in the exam! In the end, I attained an A2 in my math, which was the biggest achievement for me by far. Considering that I have been failing since Sec 2,


I never thought I would’ve been able to do it , but she never gave up and she pushed me and she’s just great! Her homework is not overloading and she takes time with every individual to understand what they have problems with and she helps us understand in the easiest ways possible! I have had many tutors , countless even , one might say , but she was the best out of all ! No one could compare!"


Chung Cheng High (Yishun)

O Level E & A Maths

F9 to A2 & B3

"My daughter joined Ms Amber's class in March 2018. After 6 months of conscientious and dedicated teaching, my daughter's Additional Maths grade improved tremendously, from F9 to B3! 

Miss Amber was patient and caring in her approach and my daughter really benefited in the learning process.Miss Amber also regularly kept me posted on her progress. Thank you Miss Amber, we greatly appreciate your help!"



O Level E & A Maths

F9 to A2 & B3

“Hi Miss Amber, Aloysius did pretty well in both A & E Maths, B3 and A2 respectively! 

This is considered quantum leap because as far as I can remember, he did not managed any pass in A Maths and no better than B4 in his E Maths school tests and exams. 

I want to thank you for your time and effort in tutoring him, especially during the last lap of the O Level Preparations. 

Thank you for your guidance and patience!

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2018 Andrea Resolve.png
2019 Lydia (Ray).png
2019 James (Jiaxuan).png

How we managed to achieve such track records?

After 10+ years of fine-tuning, we have developed a comprehensive education package which can help O Level Mathematics students island wide!
 Here's what our education package comprises:
Untitled design.png

Experienced O Level Math Specialist

Experienced Super Tutor with MORE THAN 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE in teaching Secondary School Maths.


Focused Small Group Tuition

Small group tuition (max 8 to10 pax) allows our tutors to better understand each student. It encourages PARTICIPATION, promotes healthy COMPETITION, activates community LEARNING and enable social INTERACTIONS.


Free 24/7 Whatsapp Consultation

WHATSAPP us to answer any math questions, anytime, anywhere!


Proven Learning Method

Achieve Academic Excellence with our PROVEN R.A.M LEARNING METHOD.


Personalised Study Plan

Each student is unique, so should their study plan! We personalise the study plan of each student so as to focus on TARGETING WEAKNESSES of each individual and achieve the GREATEST IMPROVEMENT in the SHORTEST TIME possible.


Free Access to Question Bank

Get 100% FREE ACCESS to our QUESTION BANK of past year papers, questions, tips and notes, guaranteed to help you tackle your maths exams!


Secret Proprietary Notes

Get our SECRET proprietary notes which will help you grasp difficult concepts easily. Given exclusively to our students, FREE OF CHARGE!


Intensive Practice & Revision

To achieve MASTERY, the 3rd phase of our R.A.M Method, we believe in doing 3 things: Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!
​We focus on tackling exam-look-alike questions and mastering application questions after we ensure students grasp the concept fully.


Free Access to Education Videos

Gain 100% FREE ACCESS to our library of Education Videos explaining confusing maths concepts, solving challenging maths questions, or even finding motivation to achieve academic excellence! This is the GOLD MINE you have been looking for.

Re·Solve Academics 2020 Math Class Schedule


Sec 1 Math

Tuesday 5-7pm

$260 / 4 lessons


Sec 3 E-Math

Sunday 10am-12pm

$280 / 4 lessons


Sec 4 E-Math

Sunday 1-3pm

$280 / 4 lessons


Sec 2 Math

Friday 5-7pm

$260 / 4 lessons

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Sec 3 A-Math

Sunday 5-7pm

$280 / 4 lessons

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Sec 4 A-Math

Sunday 3-5pm

$280 / 4 lessons

*Annual Registration & Material Fee (Non - refundable): $50




We are opening up slots for FREE TRIAL CLASS. We understand that getting the right fit is an important determining factor in your child's academic success.
To be honest, actually the management is not exactly keen on this idea. The management believe that this is a waste of our time and we will "lose money". However, Miss Amber truly believe that every student deserve an opportunity to access to a quality education, instead of wasting time and efforts on ineffective one-size-fit-all methods. Hence, after much negotiation with the management, she has managed to provide these limited spots and limited time promotion - FREE TRIAL CLASS. 
As of now, the management is still having much reservation towards the offer. So do sign up NOW as this offer will end very soon! 

Wait There's More!

If you do sign up now, you will enjoy the following:
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